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Ishverlal Madanlal & Co. (P) Ltd.
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Ishverlal Madanlal & Co. (P) Ltd. continues to modernize its existing warehouse and distribution facilities to better serve its clients in terms of Warehouse Management, Inventory Control and Order Fulfillment. As business requirements have shifted, the need for higher efficiency and more economical logistics spending has increased.

Ishverlal Madanlal & Co. (P) Ltd. can provide the solution to any shipping requirement and serve as a single-source logistics window for all product or components moving through your supply chain.

Our Door To Door (DTD) program takes care of the entire Logistics process. Each shipment will be picked-up from the shipper at Origin and delivered to Door here in India.

The Account coordinator serves as a 'single window', continuously monitoring shipments from the origin to destination and the custom clearance process, ensuring that there is no communication gap while interacting with multiple agencies in the supply chain. Periodic reports are generated and circulated to all the concerned personnel.

Over the years, Ishverlal Madanlal & Co. (P) Ltd. has built up a strong standing in the freight consolidation business. Today, this service is handled by a Ishverlal Madanlal & Co. (P) Ltd. Group Company called AXIS Shipping, which is focused on offering cost effective shipping services to every destination, by consolidating many large shipping volumes into one booking.

Backed by extensive experience, in handling LCL freight and supported by a worldwide network of agents, Ishverlal Madanlal & Co. (P) Ltd. can deliver cargo to any port or to any door across the globe. What it always strives for, is to make maximum use of the cubic capacity of each container, so that every customer benefits from the rates that result from packing maximum cargo into a container.

We can save your time and money while systematizing your transportation and logistics program in the process. We consolidate multiple pieces of freight destined for the same locations at our cross-dock facility, then load the freight on trucks to be sent to destinations in the India and abroad.

In coordination with our vendor management efforts, we will work closely with both you and your shipper to ensure that we maximize the container utilization, as per the defined and agreed upon shipping guidelines. This will help to effectively minimize your transportation costs.


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